Weekend in Photos

So I'm not entirely sure what happened to the month of February- it seemed to just vanish! The first weekend in March was all about balance - from laying by the pool, sipping beers in the sun, to doing a 6.5km walk and spring clean...

I will admit to spending wayy too much time reading travel blogs, planning imaginary trips, signing up for hotel deals. So despite the fact that I don't actually book much travel, I feel like I've researched enough to know the in's & out's.   Brooke from World of Wanderlust has summarised the best tip's I've … Continue reading


While scrolling through Pinterest for anything minimalist related, I saw a few pins mentioning Hygge, so naturally, wanted to find out more. Hygge is apparently a Danish word that is used to acknowledge a moment or feeling. A conscious appreciation. You don't need to learn how to "do it" or buy anything, you just FEEL. … Continue reading Hygge