Becoming a Minimalist Mum

It’s been almost 5 years since I become a Mum. 5 long years that have gone by with a blink of the eye.

The first few years were a blur… first baby born 9 weeks early, weeks spent in the NICU, bringing said baby home, learning how to be a mum (let alone a premmie mum), returning to part-time work …which soon became full-time, falling pregnant with baby number 2, being pregnant and having a toddler (and a shift working husband), second baby being born, more week spent in the NICU, suffering from PND, discovering first-born is displaying concerning behaviours at daycare, returning to work again.
Actually, that was just the first year and a half!!!!!

I’m the type of Mum that wasn’t born with naturally instilled maternal instincts (I truly believe that is why my son was born early… as those weeks spent in the NICU taught me all the things I had no effing idea about – like how to change a nappy). I like to plan and I like things EVERYTHING to go to the way I planned. And, well, perhaps I’m a little bit selfish too.
So it’s no wonder I’ve kind of struggled to find what feels right when it comes to motherhood.

Being a mum, espescially a son with additional needs (and all the times I’ve #failed) have lead me to the path of being a Minimalist Mum – in the modern sense of the world – and I look forward to sharing my journey with you.








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