Realising that ADHD surrounds me

I knew my son would be diagnosed with ADHD well before we spend hundreds of dollars on pediatricians and psychologists. Apart from having a hyperactivity level that well exceed the “he’s just a boy” comment, he ticked most of the other boxes that come up when you use Dr Google*:

  • Genetic (his dad has had ADHD)
  • Male
  • Low birth weight
  • Premature birth
  • Pregnancy complications

The more I’ve researched ADHD the more I notice that I display some of the same traits… lack of focus, forgetfulness, daydreaming.
To be fair, I probably don’t have ADHD, as I’m sure I’ve only developed these traits since becoming a Mum… #mumlife.

I do, however, believe my husband STILL has ADHD. He also suffers from lack of focus, boredom and forgetfulness.
My god is that man forgetful. Aside from the fact the guy wouldn’t remember our anniversary even if it were tattooed on his forehead, he forgets everything from putting the bin out to passing on important messages from the kids teachers.
“Did Dad tell you we finally got funding for an additional resource to help H while he is here”. Um, no, he didn’t, but that’s great news!
“Has M sold any of his raffle tickets, the money is due back now”. Huh? What raffle tickets?

But the ground-breaking-infuriating-moment happened one morning this week when I, being the nice wife that I am, offered to start work later and do the morning drop off, which meant the husband could go straight to bed after nightshift. After dropping off to two different centres, already 15 min late to work, H’s pre school teacher hands me the medication container. When I start at her blankly, she responds “we told Dad yesterday that H needs more of his lunchtime medication”. f%&kity f$#king f@&k f^%k.
Drive back home, get more medication, made sure the sleeping husband KNEW I was back and NOT HAPPY, back to preschool, then onto work. 1 hour later than I should have been there.

I am slowly learning (and accepting) that ADHD is a part of my life, regardless of the fact that I’m not the one diagnosed… and to be honest, it has played a huge part of leading me toward the minimalist lifestyle… Clutter free – in physically & mentally!

* for the love of god, please don’t take my Dr Google results as medical advice.

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