Fill your cup, not just your wine glass

“You can’t fill from an empty cup”.

As cliché as that saying is, I’ve come to learn how true it is as a full-time working, mother of two boys. If I don’t take some ‘me time’ and refill my cup on a regular basis it isn’t long before I turn into a screaming, yelling, grumpy mama who is close to losing her shit!

It doesn’t matter if your idea of self-care is a weekend away or soaking in a bath with a book (and the kids bath toys hidden under the laundry basket…). What matters is that you take time to do ANYTHING that lowers your stress level.

There is never going to be a good time, to take some ‘me time’. Your to do list is not going to get any shorter and you’ll never have a completely free day where it fits in perfectly… BUT you need to schedule that shite in!

Wise words by Dr Libby Weaver

I not only make time for some self-care, but I also factor it into our budget. Unfortunately I have neither the time or the money to take a full weekend away every month, or even to enjoy a massage each week, but I do put a small amount into the  back of my wallet (clearly a very technical budgeting system I’ve got...) each week to spend on myself.
Sometimes, my version of self-care is taking the time to go for a walk on my own other times I am lucky enough to get a weekend away with a friend and enjoy being kid free & husband free

This past weekend was very much a ‘splurge’ for me, but it was so very well needed. My skin may be burnt, my wallet a little more empty and my belly is definitely a bit rounder, but my cup is full and I was able to come home and actually enjoy Sunday night with the kids (even if the house did look like a bomb had gone off over the weekend)

Beautiful Manly Beach


Rooftop drinks at Glasshouse, Manly
Breakfast with a view at The Pantry, Manly
All that was need at Novotel Manly Pacific

If you struggle with making time for yourself, I highly recommend you take the time (yeah I know, it’s ironic) to read Dr Libby’s Rushing Women’s Syndrome. I’ve had the book for nearly 12 months, and am only just getting around to reading it now (oh the irony), but it honestly is so grounding and the reminder I think so many Mums need to slow the f*ck down!!!
P.S  – it’s also available as an audio book, which is probably how I will end up finishing it…

And this post still hasn’t convinced you to take some time to yourself… at least have bloody glass on wine on my behalf!











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