How to gain 12kg in 6 months

Don’t. That is the simple answer to the heading of this post.

But, in typical Karina style, I’ve done it anyway.

June 2017… I was at the lowest weight I had been before I fell pregnant with Hank… which was probably close to the lowest weight I have been in my adult life.

We had to change the the boys hours at daycare, which meant I lost the kid free time I would normally use to go to the gym. I let my work hours get in the way of my meal prepping. I went to America and tried to re-live the holiday by eating greasy burgers and cheesey food long after we returned. My back started to hurt more than normal due to the lack of exercise. I was motivated to start working out again when I fell over and hurt my leg.

Now… my clothes hardly fit (which is inconvient when you are on your way to a minimalist lifestyle). I’m REALLY tired. My skin is breaking out. My back hurts ALL.THE.TIME and I am so stiff. My wedding rings appear to have shrunk.
The only positive is that my boobs are bigger since its the first place I gain or lose weight.

And you know what’s funny… I actually drafted this post nearly 2 months ago… and continued to have the same actions as before!

But I’ve now found a new way of eating and thinking which appears to be working for me. I’ve had a few really big wake up calls which I think have helped me get in the right mindset.

I’ve decided that my reward will be to have some nice family photos taken. I have wanted some for a long time, but I knew that I would not be happy with how I looked, so I could not justify spending money on something I knew I would hate. I’m going to start a pinterest board of some family photo styles I like, to keep me motivated.

How do you stay motivated?

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