30 day Minimalist’s declutter Challenge

If you’re on a minimalist journey, you’ve probably heard about The Minimalist’s 30 day declutter Challenge. The idea is that you will declutter 1 item on Day 1, 2 items on Day 2, 3 items on Day 3 all the way until Day 30 where you will be getting rid of 30 items!

Participants usually post each day on social media using the #minsgame, which is great for inspiration on areas that you can declutter.

I purposely started this while I knew I would be on leave and had time to declutter all the hidden nocks and crannies.

I am by no means a full blown minimalist, but I do consider myself to be more minimal than most and declutter on a regular basis. I am also learning to be more intentional with what I bring into our home.

So I was surprised to find how EASY the first 15 days of this challenge has been. I thought by the time I got into the double digits I’d be struggling to find enough things to remove but it’s the opposite – there have been days I have to stop at the certain number I’m aiming for!

Bring on day 16-30


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