Tips to avoid being a judgemental Minimalist

Minimalism can be seen as a bit of a cult like status. You often feel the need to preach about minimalism to anyone and everyone, and usually annoy your friends or family when you ask them if they REALLY need *insert household item name here*.

I have found myself having the odd smug thought here or there when I see someone’s cluttered home or have them tell me about their latest purchase and those are definitely thoughts I don’t want to have.

Here are a few tips I’ve penned to remember if/when you are on your minimalist journey…

  • Don’t JUDGE other people! Seriously, the world would be a better place if we all stopped judging… so the first thing I do is to pull myself up on it and tell myself not to be a judgemental cow!
  • Minimalism is not for everyone. While I could talk underwater about the benefits, some people do not desire to follow anything remotely like a minimal lifestyle. Unless a friend is seeking advice on how to declutter/feel less stressed/get out of debt or anything where you could, acceptably, inject some minimalism tips… it’s probably best to just smile and nod when they send you a photo of their 17th online order this week.
  • “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Just as I tell remind myself not to compare my journey to some of the most well seasoned minimalist that I follow on Instagram, I also try to remind myself not to steal the joy from other people in doing/buying/owing what they love… One mans purchase of a third kettle for their home might be another minimalists nightmare. AND THAT IS OK!
  • Plug into online communities/groups where you can talk all things minimalism with like-minded people. Facebook groups are a gret way to talk about a topic to people who actually want to hear it. I would also encourage anyone to share their journey on social media, as it can lead to some great friendships (with a few trolls thrown in from time-to-time)
  • Remember that everyone’s idea of Minimalism is different. There is no “Minimalist Rule Book” (although if there was… I wonder who be the author)?



One thought on “Tips to avoid being a judgemental Minimalist

  1. I can totally agree on this! Especially when people buy you things you didn’t want, and it’s hard to say no so you’re stuck wondering if you should return the item or keep it…its a struggle sometimes but benefits of minimalism greatly outweigh any of this. I likes your perspective that everyone’s journey is different on this lifestyle šŸ™‚


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